Device of electromagnetic correction for detoxication, harmonization and increasing the body resources.

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BIOMEDIS TRINITY is the advanced effective wellness technology of multi-frequency synchronization, "packed" into a unique device - stylish, reliable, compact and lightweight. It is easy to take it with you wherever you go and it makes you confident about your health.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY enhances body functions and systems (nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, excretory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune), it improves working capacity of organs, prevents premature aging, maintains natural balance. The device provides infectious safety, thanks to antiparasitic and purifying function. It helps to remove waste and toxic substances. Imagine how your health can be with the balanced and harmonious work of mind and body.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY opens access to the reserve and hidden capabilities of the body. Working in the 4th mode, the device tunes your brain to what you want to do. Keep cheerful when you are sleepy. Concentrate and tune in for studies and work when you are under stress. Relax after a busy day. Select the work program from the fourth mode that best suits you. Feel what your brain can give you, through the natural activation of its deep structures. Start the self-healing process.

The work of BIOMEDIS TRINITY is natural and does not create anything unfamiliar or atypical for our body and mind. There is 100% secure and patented technology used.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY is very comfortable to use. We combined the best technical solutions in one device:
  • bright contrast screen;
  • touch panel with reverse recall;
  • high-quality casing of reinforced glass;
  • not large dimensions (14х48х92 mm);
  • continuous work (1st mode - 18 hours, 2,3,4-th modes - 10 hours).

A successful design solution - several internal partitions increase the quality and reliability in operation.

Attention! The device is contraindicated in the presence of an implantable pacemaker.

Instructions Biomedis Trinity (YouTube)

«Today I have received my new Biomedis Trinity, and right now I have turned the relaxation program on. I have already noticed that I have much less tension in the body, my shoulders are not like stones any more.»
Sergey Kovalsky

«Great choice, it really works, comparing my well-being now and month ago, I feel like a different person now. Thanks to Biomedis!»
Maria Plotnikova

«I definitely love it!!! I have been using it only for two weeks, but there is much less anxiety, I feel much more alive and energetic and I don’t have to take so many pills like I used to.!»
Nadezhda Kachurova

«Morning freshness mode helps me to start my day and fell myself really happy about it! My husband says that I changed. I smile carelessly every morning like I did when I was young and when we got married.))»
Galina Smirnova

«I tried a program for sleep in the mode 4. I didn’t expect such effect, as I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time. I have been falling asleep without problems for a week now, I have finally got rid of feeling exhausted, when I felt sleepy but couldn’t fall asleep.»
Vladimir Fomin

The impact of BIOMEDIS TRINITY is based on several methods:
  • bioresonance and structure-resonance correction (first, second and third modes of the device operation);
  • transcranial stimulation (the fourth mode of the device operation).
The method of bioresonance correction lies in correction of the body functions by the influence of resonant electromagnetic oscillations proper to the radiation of a living organism. In the normal physiological state of the organism, there is maintained the relative synchronization of various oscillatory (wave) processes, while with the disturbance of the oscillatory harmony in the body there begin to develop pathological states.

Bioresonance correction is the impact of electromagnetic oscillations with which the structures of the body enter into resonance. The impact is possible both at the cellular level and at the level of the organ, as well as the organs system and the whole organism, since different levels are characterized and controlled by different frequency-wave parameters.

Biophysical (informational) processes in the body that are used during bioresonance correction are higher than biochemical processes in the management hierarchy of the human body, which allows you to effectively apply bioresonance correction that impacts the control units of the human adaptation system.

The main idea of using bioresonance is that with proper selection of the frequency and form of electromagnetic influence, it is possible to enhance normal physiological and reduce pathological oscillations in the human body. Thus, bioresonance impact can be directed both at neutralizing pathological and restoring physiological oscillations disturbed under pathological conditions, i.e. to suppress interference (noise) in the information field of the body.

BIOMEDIS TRINITY in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd modes of operation it reproduces the information signals of the body. Low intensity electromagnetic oscillations generated by the device cause a resonant response in the body. There occurs an activation of physiological oscillations corresponding to healthy cells and organs and neutralization of pathological oscillations coming from diseased cells and tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi. As a result, you start the mechanisms of self-regulation of the body, laid by nature itself.

Purpose of programs for the 1st and 2nd modes:
  • strengthening and correction of the functions and systems of the body (musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine, reproductive);
  • prevention of premature age-related changes;
  • ensuring infectious safety;
  • body cleansing, removal of toxic substances.
2nd mode, the bioresonance correction method is implemented through the multi-frequency synchronization technology (MFS). This is why the impact on the body occurs not only through the network of blood vessels, nerve fibers, biologically active points on the skin surface, but also through the water matrix and at the cellular and intracellular levels. As a result, the effectiveness of bioresonance correction increases significantly. Due to the simultaneous operation of three emitters in the device, the correcting frequencies enter the body on three levels, entering into resonance with the structures of the body, informing them of healthy vibration frequencies and stimulating the body to work on self-healing.

In mode 3, there occurs the impact on the basal rhythms of the body. Basal rhythms are the initial, basic, deep rhythms of human, developed in the course of evolution. In a state of health, they are clearly defined and synchronized with each other. Due to the fractal relationship between the modulation frequencies, there is achieved the restoration of the basal rhythms and the inter-synchronization of these rhythms at all functional and hierarchical levels of the body, returning to the state of health. Complexes for mode 3 are used as monocorrection for any deviations in the body's work and for the prevention of diseases. They are also used in combination with the complexes of the 1st or 2nd mode.

Transcranial stimulation

Transcranial stimulation is a stimulation of neurons in the brain, which allows to influence the human neurohumoral regulation and improve important cognitive functions. Neurostimulation activates the wave activity of the brain responsible for reaction, memory, concentration, linguistic and mathematical abilities. Applying neurostimulation during training, mental and physical work, studying, you increase your effectiveness.

The human brain, as a real command center, is responsible for thinking, attention, learning, movement, vision, and much more. By changing the brain wave activity, by stimulating certain brain signals, it is possible to improve many parameters of its work, mental abilities and emotional state.

In mode 4, based on the differences in the physical parameters of separate brain regions, there occurs the selective impact of several modulation frequencies, the correlation of which is correlated with brain rhythms. When carrying out the multichannel impact on the body according to the same principle that the brain itself uses to maintain homeostasis, the deepest, most ancient structures of the human brain, which are responsible for managing the reserve and hidden capabilities of the body, are stimulated.

The application of complexes in the 4th mode is effective for achieving the following effects:
  • reduction of stress effects, quick relaxation, relieving fatigue;
  • improvement of memory and intellectual functions;
  • enhancing learning and creativity;
  • sleep normalization;
  • activation of recovery processes;
  • reduction of the severity of chronic pain syndrome;
  • reduction of meteosensitivity, prevention of desynchronosis when changing time zones;
  • improvement of physical performance;
  • concentration and mobilization of will and body resources;
  • improvement of mood and well-being;
  • change of attitude to traumatic situations;
  • reduction of anxiety level;
  • activation of hidden reserves and capabilities of the body.
Regular use of psychosomatic complexes in the 4th mode calms the mind and relaxes the body, synchronizing them and forcing to work in alignment, helps to more fully focus on the existing moment. Psychosomatic complexes for mode 4 are used as monocorrection and stimulation. They are also used before applying any other modes as an activator of the organism's response to an exogenous electromagnetic field.

Scanning technology

In the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th modes, there is used the scanning technology to identify the body's resonant absorption frequencies for accuracy and depth of influence. When you turn on the program in these modes, TRINITY scans the body and detects the resonant absorption frequencies of the body. The device adjusts and the impact of corrective frequencies occurs at the 'hearable' for the body resonant frequencies. Resonant absorption frequencies, while in functional relationship, constantly change their values, therefore, in the course of an impact, TRINITY constantly adjusts to these changes and maintains an adequate frequency of influence with correction signals. Due to this, the corrective frequencies easily penetrate the body, they impact deeper and with greater efficiency.

When turning on the device in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th modes, the device must be turned with its back side to the body and placed at a distance of 30 cm for 3-5 seconds. At this time, there occur activation and initial setting of scanning technology.

Effective impact radius

When using the 1st mode, the device can be placed directly next to the body (in the pocket) or at a distance of up to 1 m. In the 1st mode, it is desirable to put the device with its back side to the body, if the device is located with the front side to the body, the efficiency decreases.

When using 2nd, 3rd and 4th modes, the device should always be put with the back side to the person.

In the 2nd and 3rd modes, the effective impact radius is 20-50 cm. If the distance from the device to a person is less than 20 cm or more than 50 cm, then the efficiency decreases.

When using the 4th mode, the device must be located at a distance of 20-30 cm from a person.

Duration and frequency of the device application

The correction is carried out by sessions, a session is a one-time impact by a specific set of programs. If necessary, you can have several sessions per day. To achieve the result, usually it is necessary to have a course of sessions. An average correction course is 14-21 days. Between courses it is advisable to take a break for several days. It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and recommendations for specific complexes and programs.

  • Unique multi-frequency synchronization technology for effective cleansing, control of pathogens, recovery and prophylaxis.
  • Wide range of action. More than 1000 programs and complexes for solving specific problems. Availability of programs for general strengthening and recovery.
  • 4 impact modes that can be used separately or combined with each other for greater efficiency.
  • Each of the modes is based on a fundamental research base.
  • Impact on the body on three levels at the same time.
  • Technology of scanning and detection of resonance frequencies of body absorption for accuracy and depth of an impact.
  • Continuous operation without recharging up to 18 hours.
  • Reliability and convenience.

How to use
Modes 1 and 2
These modes are used for bioresonance correction for various abnormalities in the body and for prophylaxis. In mode 2, the correction efficiency is higher due to the accuracy of tuning to a specific organism and the expansion of the signal penetration area.
List of the programs for modes 1 and 2
To solve a specific problem there are compiled complexes from the individual programs, using the software.
In the device there are ready-made complexes for the most common problem for modes 1 and 2.

Mode 3
This mode is used as a mono correction for any deviations in the work of the organism and for the prevention of disease.
It is also used in conjunction with modes 1 or 2.

Mode 4
This mode is used as a mono correction for psychosomatic problems.
It is also used before applying any other modes as an activator of the body's reaction to an exogenous electromagnetic field.

For the most effective use of the device, please contact an online consultant for MES or a specialist in your area.


210 basic complexes for TRINITY. Update (ZIP-archive)
‘210 basic complexes’ profile includes complexes for protection, prevention, correction and rehabilitation after Coronavirus 2019-nCov.





Instructions Biomedis Trinity (YouTube)

Remote Desktop Software AnyDesk

Software for PC

Software is needed for creation of treating complexes and programming of created complexes of device.

Device BIOMEDIS M is programmed with help of PC and program complex "Biomedis M Air" installed on PC. Microsoft.NET Framework 4 is needed for work of software.

Attention! New software «Biomedis M Air» v.4.11.1:
Changes list

Attention! For Windows users! It is necessary to add the program installation directory to the antivirus exclusion! If this is not done, then the antivirus can destroy the executable file of the program !!! The path to the program directory can be viewed in the properties of the shortcut. Add the folder Biomedis M Air 4 to the exclusion.
App directory path: - C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Programs\BiomedisMAir4\

If the antivirus has already deleted the program file and the program does not start (an error is generated at startup and the program does not open). Then you need to download the archive from the link below and unpack it in the "Program folder \ assets". Then you must add the program folder to the antivirus exceptions !!
Starter window application of BiomedisMAir4

  • Installer for Windows with inbuilt JRE 32 bit:
    Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.10.0 with inbuilt JRE 32 bit (exe-file, 100 MB).

  • Installer for Windows with inbuilt JRE 64 bit:
    Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.10.0 with inbuilt JRE 64 bit (exe-file, 100 MB).
  • Installer for OS X:
    Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.11.1 for OS X (PKG-file, 120 MB).
  • Installer for Linux:
    Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.11.1 for Linux (ZIP-archive, 160 MB).
    Jre 64-bit is is built in for Linux, if you have 32-bit Linux, then use the alternative launch script.
  • Guidelines on software «Biomedis M Air» v.4.11
  • Guidelines on software «Biomedis M Air» v.4.11( French )
  • Firmware of the device

    The firmware for "Trinity" device (ZIP-archive, The firmware manual is contained in the archive).

    To cycle a program or complex during the execution of a program press briefly the putting to the right, meanwhile there will appear the letter "R" on the screen in the program time countdown window. It means that the given program will be executed in cycles until the repeat mode is off. Herewith,if it is necessary to repeat another program from the complex, use the up-down buttons. The following pressing the button to the right will move the "R" sign to the complex time countdown window. It means that when the complex is finished, it will be executed again until the repeat mode is off. The following pressing the button to the right will cancel all the repeats- the sign "R" will disappear.