The company guarantees the compliance of technical conditions with proper use, transportation and storage.

Officially established service life of the product is 5 years.

The service life can be extended if you take good care of your device.

The warranty period from the Company (Biomedis) is 12 months from the date of the sale. You can find the date in your personal account or on the last page of the menu, which is included in the box.

The company is not responsible in case of:
  1. Defects on the product which happened during transportation, storage and use.
  2. Damages from natural sources like fire, water, sweat, etc.
  3. Damages from falls and uncared use.
  4. Devices that were bought from a third party.
  5. Devices that have a damaged factory seal.

How to send your device for warranty and post-warranty repairs

Write the request with the following information in this order:
  1. Your Full Name;
  2. Your partner's ID;
  3. Name of the Device;
  4. Device's serial number;
  5. Address;
  6. Phone;
  7. Email;
  8. Skype;
  9. Description of the shortcoming and troubleshooting done;
  10. Date of the purchase (which you can locate in your account on this website);
  11. Today's date.
Email the request to: garantbio@gmail.com
In the subject line put the tracking number.

Print 2 copies of the request: one copy is for you and put the second copy in the package with the device.

Send the device without box, cord, menu and accessories. It is highly recommended to put the device inside the original foam frame, which you can find inside the box, and wrap it individually in bubble wrap for extra protection.

Together with the device, send us your Guarantee Check, which is located on the last page of the menu.

Please, before sending your devices to Repair-center, please give us the description, photo or video of the unit for preliminary assessment of its damages and costs of repair works.
E-mail: garantbio@gmail.com

The shipping address:

To Whom: Shandorin VS
To Where: Russia, Moscow, 105122
5/1, Schelkovskoye shosse


  1. Write your name and company address correctly and clearly in printed (block) letters, otherwise the postal service in Russia will not be able to deliver your parcel.
  2. The value on the package should not exceed $20.
  3. Save one copy of your request together with the tracking number, post office address and sending date.
  4. The sender is responsible for the shipping to the repair center.
  5. The company reserves the right not to accept the package.

USA service provider contacts: 244 Kensington Dr. Morganville NJ 07751, email garantbioUSA@gmail.com, phone +1 732 740-9822, Michael Tsimring