Congratulations to the promo winners!

Congratulations to the active BIOMEDIS partners with the ‘Gift for being active’ promo fulfilment!

For reaching level 3 of the promo NEOGEN as a gift goes to:

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Results of the ‘Gift for being active’ promo

Many thanks to all the partners for being active and fulfilling the promo conditions!

For reaching level 3 you get NEOGEN as a gift
For reaching level 2 you get ZENWAVE as a...

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Results of the ‘Gift for being active’ promo

We are grateful for your activity and congratulations to all the partners that fulfilled the promo!

For reaching level 1 - BIOSKY crystal as a w
For reaching level 2 - ZENWAVE as a...

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NEOGEN news!

Dear partners and clients!
The first limited batch of NEOGEN is ready!
The devices are being sent over to clients that made an order from July 28th until the end of August. The delivery is...

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Last hundred NEOGENs!

The pre sale for the limited batch of NEOGEN will be closed ahead of schedule!
There are only 100 devices left.
After the last hundred devices are sold the pre sale will be closed....

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