Change of prices

Dear clients and partners!

The increase in price for the products is postponed for 1 month.

The change of price will take place on July 1st.

You can purchase BIOMEDIS...

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Change of price for the products!

Dear customers and partners!
Due to the increased production costs, from June 1st the price of the products will rise and will be:

TRINITY - 790$
ZENWAVE - 440$

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Results of the Gift for being active` promo

Dear partners!
The results of the ‘Gift for being active’ promo were reconsidered and some of the participants increased their results. Please read the updated list of the winners!...

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The results of the ‘Get a gift for being active’ promo

Level 1 reached by:
Vesela Popova-Vasileva
Roland Rupp
Raisa Selivestrova
Gabriela Čanigova
Iryna Abdulina
Harald Jacobek
Elena Zelenskaya

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Here are the results of the ‘BIOSKY as a gift for being active’ promo

Level one achieved by:
Γιάννα Αρουτιουνοβα
Tetiana Iurova/Lipovetskiy
Gulsat Feyzova
Franca Camporesi
Sara Di Rocco
Olga Koreshkova
Elena Yvankova...

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