Вебинар 13.03.14. Третий возраст. Часть 4. 

Вебинар 13.03.14. Третий возраст. Часть 4.

12.03.2014 by Biomedis
Congratulations to the active BIOMEDIS partners with fulfilment of the ‘Activate your team and get a gift’ promo!

Gift for reaching level I of the promo - BIOSKY sticker goes to:
Minoas Sfinias
Hristina Atanasova
Raisa Selivestrova

Gift for reaching level II of the promo - BIOSKY photonic crystal goes to:

Gift for reaching level VI of the promo - 2 TRINITY goes to:
Joanne Denn
Igor Reshetnikov

To calculate your personally invited partners’ sales volume we take the period from December 20 to 31.
To take part in the marathon and get a gift could only one account belonging to one partner.

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