Congratulations to the winners of the promo! 

Congratulations to the winners of the promo!

04.01.2023 by Biomedis
Congratulations to the active BIOMEDIS partners with fulfilment of the ‘Activate your team and get a gift’ promo!

Gift for reaching level I of the promo - BIOSKY sticker goes to:
Minoas Sfinias
Hristina Atanasova
Raisa Selivestrova

Gift for reaching level II of the promo - BIOSKY photonic crystal goes to:

Gift for reaching level VI of the promo - 2 TRINITY goes to:
Joanne Denn
Igor Reshetnikov

To calculate your personally invited partners’ sales volume we take the period from December 20 to 31.
To take part in the marathon and get a gift could only one account belonging to one partner.

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