Γρήγορη ανάπτυξη

Οι παραγγελίες που κάνατε μεταξύ 21 έως και 30 Ιουνίου διπλασιάζουν τον αριθμό των βαθμών που αυξάνουν τον CGV και MGV . Ο ρυθμός ανάπτυξης της καριέρας σας θα αυξηθεί κατά 2 φορές σε αυτές τις...

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Fast growth

In orders, placed from 21 to 30 June (included), the number of points doubles, the points go to CAV and AAV. The speed of your career growth will increase twice during these two days!

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Summer sale

10% off ZENWAVE and BRIS
15% off TRINITY and all other devices
The promo if valid from 14 to 30 June.

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Quick growth

In orders placed from 20 to 30 May (included) the points amount which go to CAV and AAV is doubled. The growth speed of your career doubles in these 10 days!

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Activate your team and get a gift!

Get TRINITY as a gift for the volume of orders of your personally invited partners. From 20 May to 10 June the amount of your personal orders should be no less than 2300 dollars.

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