Set of 3+1 BIOSKY

Corrector of human bio field and electromagnetic radiation.
Order three BIOSKY stickers and
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    BIOSKY STICKER is a photonic crystal for harmonization of the energy informational bio field of a human and neutralization of electromagnetic radiation.
    BIOSKY STICKER is a modification of BIOSKY photonic crystal in shape of sticker.
    BIOSKY STICKER is aimed to be stuck to mobile phones, WI-Fi routers, tv, PC screens, laptops, tablets and other devices which are sources of electromagnetic radiation.
    BIOSKY STICKER works based on the principle of conversion of EHF radiation into an extensional field of right rotation favourable to human.

    Why do we need BIOSKY STICKER?

    Using BIOSKY you create a safe space around you.
    You protect your bio field from unnecessary interferences, harmful electromagnetic radiations and impact of other bio objects of live nature. Your body will not be disturbed from self-restoring and adjusting the immune system.
    According to our research, the effectiveness of bio resonance devices work significantly increases in places where there is no electromagnetic radiation. The devices users also note that when leaving for places with no EMR sources the results of application of devices Trinity and Actiway significantly improve. This effect is due to the fact that in the space free from electromagnetic smog the body ‘hears’ better the useful frequencies of bio resonance devices. Using the BIOSKY stickers at home you increase the effectiveness of Trinity and Actiway. Your organs are tuned to ‘healthy’ frequencies.

    What is the difference between BIOSKY STICKERS and BIOSKY in shape of cards?

    BIOSKY STICKERS are aimed to be constantly applied with the sources of electromagnetic radiation. That is why they are made in shape of stickers, which are easily stuck to any surface. BIOSKY STICKERS are not aimed to work with meridians (energy channels), to do this there is applied BIOSKY in a shape of cards.

    Technology description

    BIOSKY STICKER is a complex multi-layer bulk structure made of special metals alloys and dielectric materials. BIOSKY is a reliable super high frequency (SHF) converter that converts background SHF radiation into large electromagnetic field with the frequency in the range of the biological activity of the water containing structures and circular polarization of right hand rotation which beneficially affects biological objects and humans. The shapes of the resonant structures and the characteristics of the photonic crystal materials are calculated and formed based on the interaction of the electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and chirality proper to all flesh.