Цветочные скидки 

Цветочные скидки

26.02.2014 by Biomedis
We are inviting you to Santa’s

New Year’s gifts marathon

From December 23nd to January 1st.

Place order for at least 80$ to take part in the new year’s drawing game.

1 order = 1 chance to win.

The prizes - 27 BIOSKY photonic crystals.

1 day = 3 winners.

The winners are selected every day with the help electronic roulette from the orders payed from 09.00 the previous day until 09.00 current day London time

We are starting 23nd of December at 09.00 London time

The first drawing game is on December 24d among the orders payed from 09.00 on December 23nd until 09.00 December 24d London time

Results - every day in the NEWS section on the DRAWING GAME page.

While you are placing orders Santa is rehearsing to spin the roulette.

Santa’s roulette

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