Вебинары текущей недели 

Вебинары текущей недели

24.12.2013 by Biomedis
Dear clients and partners!

For the year 2021 the electronic devices rose in price for 25-40%. It is related to the increase in price for the production. It also affected the TRINITY details. Like this, lithium, a metal which is used for accumulators, from the beginning of 2021 rose in price by more than 8 times. Besides, due to the world crisis there is a deficit of components and the productions hike prices. Herewith the expenditures for TRINITY production significantly increased. And this will affect the product price.

From March 1st the price for TRINITY will increase by 10% and will be 590$, 418 points.
The price does not include delivery.

Until March 1st the price for TRINITY will remain the same.

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