85% of people...

...do not know about the new technologies for health.

However, more than 90% of those, who use the innovational methods today, note the significant improvement of the quality of life.

BIOMEDIS technologies – means 10 years of scientific researches, developments, tests and practical use.

BIOMEDIS devices are created to maintain health and rejuvenate organism.

The operation principle of BIOMEDIS devices is based on the effect of weak electromagnetic waves, which cause a resonant response in the body. The frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations have a strictly directed effect on specific organs and systems.

In one device, there are more than 1000 programs
of impact.

Special program complexes of BIOMEDIS:

  • Recuperate and normalize the work of organs and body systems
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Help to cope with viruses and bacteria
  • Contribute to detoxification and cleansing of the body
  • Stabilize psycho-emotional state

90% of positive reviews from users

There is minimum of contradictions, the device can be used by children and aged people

It is possible to create individual recovery programs

The multi-purpose method allows to resolve many problems with the help of one device

There are the newest technologies inside carefully designed devices for effective recovery

Compact size and light weight allow to carry the device with you all the time