Sales start of the new product limited edition 

Sales start of the new product limited edition

27.10.2021 by Biomedis
We are introducing a new product by BIOMEDIS.

Corrector of human bio field and electromagnetic radiation – BIOMEDIS STICKER.

BIOSKY STICKER is released in special limited edition.

BIOSKY STICKER is a modification of BIOSKY photonic crystal in shape of sticker.
BIOSKY STICKER is aimed to be stuck to mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, TV, PC screens, laptops, tablets and other devices which is a source of electromagnetic radiation.
Using BIOSKY you create a space safe for you.

Price of BIOSKY STICKER is 48$

Order BIOSKY stickers right now with a special offer.

Order three BIOSKY stickers and get the fourth one as a gift from BIOMEDIS!

The offer is time limited and is valid until October 30th.
The special offer is prolonged until November 7th

Why you need BIOSKY STICKERS and what is their difference from BIOSKY cards read on the product page!


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