News about NEOGEN 

News about NEOGEN

28.07.2023 by Biomedis
Dear partners and clients!

Our motto is a constant improvement of bio-resonance technologies. And we are happy to announce our new achievements.
NEOGEN is a device based on the principles of endogenous bio-resonance therapy with know-how developments.

The pre sale for a limited amount of 500 pcs of NEOGEN was launched today.
The arrival of the limited consignment to the warehouses is planned for September. The devices will be sent over according to the order. The first who made an order will receive it first. Wholesale production will be launched in October.

You can find out the most important details about the device on our website. And in August we will have a big webinar telling deeply about NEOGEN with the developer - Sabukhi Sharifov. We will try to answer your questions and post the recommendations for use and promo materials.

Only 3 days until July 31st NEOGEN is available for purchase in a pre sale with the biggest possible discount of 30%.

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