Video reviews competition results 

Video reviews competition results

27.12.2021 by Biomedis
I am very inspired that ‘BIOMEDIS video reviews competition’ project had its development. We do this competition without any hidden hazards and from open heart. And that is why for the third time we manage to gather a lot of video reviews attracting more and more BIOMEDIS devices users. I am grateful to everyone who was enthusiastic about this project, everyone who contributed to appearance of creative video reviews. To jury members for which it was very hard to make a choice.

The warmest gratitude to you, dear competition participants! I admire your braveness. When I open your reviews I think of how many braveness one must have to tell about personal things so openly, what knowledge one must have to use the devices so confidently and get such great results. Each time it amazes me! Thank you!
Today the jury members chose the winners. Let us know who they are.

Development director Julia S.


I place – prize TRINITY

Eugene Borushko Ukraine

II place – prize ZENWAVE

Alexandr Borushko Ukraine

III place was shared by 3 participants - ACTIWAY

Sherinata Pollok USA

Irini Kratimenu Greece

Multiple children mother Lilia Karavdina Russia

Special prize from the company’s president - TRINITY

Multiple children mother Lilia Karavdina Russia

Special prize from the company’s president – BIOSKY

Phil Collazo USA – for great reviews in English and Spanish

Rashadmin Grimes USA – for the most eye catching and creative review

Who will get the people’s choice prize will be decided by the audience. On January 10th 2022 the number of likes under each video review on BIOMEDIS YouTube channel will be calculated. The participant getting the most likes under the video will get the people’s choice prize – ZENWAVE device.

Only participants that did not enter the winners list will take part in people’s choice prize competition.

See the video reviews on BIOMEDIS YouTube channel and like the ones you enjoyed!

Reviews of the competition contestants on BIOMEDIS - YouTube

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