Affiliate program 

Affiliate program

General terms

Affiliate program (AP) is a regulation, which serves as basis for calculation of discounts and partners rewards and the assignment of qualifications.

Structure of the Affiliate program

Affiliate program represents a stage plan of discounts and rewards with a system of additional bonuses.
The plan structure can be demonstrated as a ladder, the stairs of which represent the qualification levels of partner. The higher the qualification level, the higher the discount.

AP has five levels:


Qualification is a result of partner's carrier and indicator of his/her position in multi-level affiliate program. The company includes following qualifications: Partner, Expert, Professional (Pro), Master, and President's advisor.

Partner is physical or juridical person that has registered on website of the Company, and that carries out his/her entrepreneurial activity without dependence on the Company.

Informational sponsor is a partner that has attracted a new partner to his/her structure himself/herself.

Structure is complex of all generations' partners.

Generation represents partners that stay below their sponsor in the structure of informational sponsor. The first generation is a group of partners directly attracted by informational sponsor. The second generation is considered to be partners whose direct sponsors are partners of the first generation.

Consumer (client) is juridical or physical person that purchases products from company or partner for own needs, which are not connected with getting income. Partner can be consumer of products.

Personal volume (PV) is amount of personal purchases in retail prices for a period.

Group volume (GV) is amount of purchases made by partner and all partners of his/her structure for a period.

Accumulated group volume (AGV) is a total accumulated amount of purchases made by partner and all partners of his/her structure.

Membership discount (MD) is a fixed discount from purchases. It corresponds to qualification rank. Partner that has made purchase gets membership discount.

Affiliate remuneration (AR) is an accumulated discount from purchase, which is applicable to partners, staying vertically above, and it is calculated on basis of their membership discounts. It is not applicable to partner that has made purchase.

Affiliate bonus (AB) is income in percentage from purchase made by partner of your structure that has the same or higher qualification.

Reward for Recommendations (RFR) - fixed income of the orders from partners and clients who you personally invited . Every product had its own income scale , which is based on the points value.

Additional bonuses (AB) ) represent additional profit of partner assessed for fulfillment of certain conditions. Program of AB is published on the website of the company.

Personal annual activity (PAC) is annual increase of personal volume by certain amount.

Personal identification number (ID) is a special code assigned to each partner.

Leader is the most successfully active partner that successfully develops turnover, width and depth of his/her structure.

Conditions for participation in affiliate program

Partner's status can be got after registration on the website of the company and making purchase. Partner's status provides right to purchase products, benefiting from discount in accordance with a qualification level.
It is necessary to make agreement with the company to provide services on behalf of individual entrepreneur or juridical person for calculation and payment of affiliate remuneration and bonuses at the full implementation.
To confirm the participation in the affiliate program in terms of obtaining bonuses and rewards, the personal volume of partner for year must be at least 115 points.

Discounts and rewards

Within the AF, partner can receive several types of income:


When certain qualifications are achieved and certain conditions are fulfilled, partner gets valuable gifts as manifestation of his/her accomplishments and merits.