BIOSKY new price formation 
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BIOSKY new price formation

24.05.2021 by Biomedis
Dear partners and clients! Thank you for using BIOMEDIS deices.

A year ago, we expanded our product line and released the BIOSKY photonic crystal for the first time. This opened up completely new possibilities for energetic and physical health improvement. The first to be released was the red BIOSKY, and it immediately won your trust. Violet, yellow and white crystals have passed the client’s trust test during the year. Almost 5000 BIOSKY are already in your hands. We sincerely hope that you find them useful every day.

Previously, we reported about a forced increase in prices. Unfortunately, the economic impact of the coronavirus has affected the high tech industry as well. The jump in prices for components does not allow keeping prices at the same level. We tried to keep the raise as minimal as possible, in two stages. In total, the prices will increase by 16%.

From June 1st there starts the process of new price formation for BIOSKY. The prices not including delivery will be the following: from June 1st – 106$, 76 points, from July 1st – 114$, 82 points.

Now the price for one BIOSKY is 98 $. When purchasing two crystals you will pay 30% less for the second crystal – only 166$ for two. The prices do not include the logistics. These prices will stay the same for 8 days more.

Please pay attention that one crystal of any color is sufficient for the treatment of water and food, protection from the negative effects of EM radiation. And to work with the energy-informational field of a person, there are needed two crystals of the same color. Choose the BIOSKY color according to your request, based on the description of the crystals along the meridians. It is better to use all the colors of the crystals, alternating them every day during a week or even during the day. This way you will preserve your energetic health and start the self-healing process.

Please read more about each BIOSKY crystal. Click on the links and see the description pages.


BIOSKY violet

BIOSKY yellow

BIOSKY white

Due to the increased demand for the products and the increase in their prices from June 1st, the warehouse managers in various countries are starting to report a BIOSKY shortage. Hurry up to place order for its current price.

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