Complexes for beginners. Device «BIOMEDIS M» 
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Complexes for beginners. Device «BIOMEDIS M»

Information Guide
For novice users of BIOMEDIS' devices

Modern conditions of life, environmental degradation in the whole world, permanent usage of telephone and other electronic technique, toxic load of the body, improper nutrition, hypodynamia, and usage of hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified products threaten to human life. The science is looking for methods and ways which are able to combat growing health threats effectively. One of the most effective directions in healing and preventive medicine during over 30 years is considered to be bioresonance therapy which is based on conception about electromagnetic oscillations.
The great theoretical physician, the founder of quantum physics Max Plank, has written: "Everything represents oscillations and their impacts. There is no any matter at all. Everything is formed of oscillations" (1918).
The idea of body's regulation with low frequency electric impulses has been offered for the first time by the Russian scientist academician N. E. Vvedenskiy (1852-1922).
In 1978 F. Morell (Germany) set up the following hypothesis: the whole spectrum of electromagnetic fields and radiations is carrier of biologically meaningful information which may be used for treatment and diagnostics. The doctor F. Morell and the engineer Erich Rashe developed the method of treatment MORA therapy (1979). Nowadays it is called bioresonance therapy or BRT.
Bioresonance therapy is one of perspective hopes of future medicine, since it is possible to turn on and support body's regeneration and restoration through impact on main processes in the body without spending own energetic reserves.

1. Essence of BRT

The body and its functioning systems are sources of weak electromagnetic oscillations in wide frequency spectrum.
Every organ and each cell have own frequency or set of frequencies. Support of these oscillations depends on the body completely. In case of deviation or distortion, non-adequate oscillations appear, then pathologic electromagnetic ones appear, then disease may appear.
Development of pathologic processes leads to change of this frequency spectrum in form of appearing of inharmonious oscillation.
From this point of view, any disease is rhythm shift upstairs or downstairs from its optimum at this moment. Each norm is characterized for its source of rhythm by its set of quantitative values of functional and therapeutic parameters. Numerous rhythms in the body are mobile, variable. They are automatically reconstructed by the body itself functionally as well as changed by impact of various external manifestations and irritations. Any biochemical process is also manifestation of electromagnetic activity of cells. It means that we can reproduce it chemically as well as biologically.
Nowadays scientists have accurately defined parameters of electromagnetic frequencies which are typical for certain tissues and organs before and after their activation. Aligning of these oscillations with original frequency spectrum leads to harmonization. Pathologic oscillations may be removed through application of external electromagnetic oscillations; that's why external electromagnetic oscillations may be used in medicine in form of low frequency electromagnetic therapy.
It has been scientifically proven that low frequency electromagnetic radiation has essential regenerative, trophic, painkilling, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating and detoxifying effects. Powerful mechanisms of self-regulation are turned on in the body through complicated chain of transformation; as a result, essential therapeutic effect is achieved. It is possible to influence on biochemical processes of our body through bioresonance therapy with high accuracy, limiting quantity of usage of medical preparations.
Besides, the strategy and the tactics of BRT help people to combat parasites, toxins and allergens which live and which are permanently accumulated in every living organism. It is possible to deactivate fungi, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and helminthes that live in human body, and provide eliminating toxins formed because of killing of parasites without danger for the body, through sending of specific frequencies. The peculiarity of this method is absolute safety of impact on cells of other living objects, including cells of human body.

2. Mechanism of action of BIOMEDIS' devices

Physiotherapeutic devices BIOMEDIS are indicated for application of exogenous BRT through low frequency electromagnetic therapy. The device is able to carry out contactless impact with weak electromagnetic field. Impact of these devices is physiologic; their usage leads to regeneration of organs and tissues, restoration of healthy functions of organs and systems: it leads to the state which should be in healthy body. Algorithm of disease is exchanged with algorithm of health.
The device works very mildly, soundlessly and painlessly. Frequency diapason of the device makes it possible to fuel all body's cells with healthy frequency which restores normal functioning of organ and system, and makes it possible to carry out the most important function which is detoxification (deep cleansing of the body from various toxins).
The device doesn't have stimulating effect. All programs have only regulatory effect. That's why if the program "Immune system" is used, it is not stimulation; it is regulation. It may be applied in case of auto-immune diseases, allergies, insufficiency of immunity, various chronic infections diseases, and immunodeficiency.
A great advantage in case of administration of BRT with devices of BIOMEDIS is lack of thermal effect and spending of energetic reserves of people, universality, safety and easiness in usage, lack of side effects. BRT teaches the body to do the things it could do earlier (when it was healthy).
The list of contraindications is limited with the following conditions: life-threatening conditions (heart failure, stroke, etc.), irreversible anatomic processes caused by traumas and surgical operations, pregnancy (the 1st trimester), childhood - under 1 year old (it is allowed under supervision of physician), existence of transplanted organs and electrocardiostimulator (it is allowed under supervision of doctor), congenital pathologies of central nervous system, state of acute mental excitation or alcohol intoxication.

3. Description and methods of fundamental algorithm at early stage of administration of BRT with BIOMEDIS' devices

We offer you fundamental algorithm, consisting of 4 complexes, including programs which make it possible to carry out comprehensive approach of correction and prevention of different diseases.
The main principle considered during creation of fundamental algorithm is to include programs for harmonization, restoration of energy, detoxification and removal of toxins, and regulation of internal organs' work in the complex. Using programs included in the section of detoxification and control frequencies of organs and systems, it is possible to normalize emotions, give the body strength to combat infections, and restore immunity.
The first complex "Morning" includes programs which make it possible to activate the body after sleep; the second complex "Detoxification" helps to eliminate various toxins; the third one "Restoration" regulates function of organs; the fourth one "Evening" helps to finish preparation for sleep.
The recommended algorithm is proper for usage by any person: for those that have taken the device in hands for the first time as well for those that know it for long time.

First complex "MORNING"

It is recommended to apply this complex in the morning for activation of living processes but it may be used another time as well: when it is needed to be active (driving during nights, before examinations, etc.).
Goal of impact: activation of energy and harmonization of emotions.
Great attention is drawn to emotions. A person can't be healthy, if he/she has feeling of fear, anxiety, and depression. It is known that emotions are energetically connected with functions of corresponding organs and body's systems; healing emotions, we normalize functional state of the body generally.

The first complex "MORNING" consists of the following programs: Short description of first complex's programs

Program "Active Defense"
Frequency row 2,2; 10; 12,5; 15; 19,5; 26; 92 normalizes mental state, has effect of mental stimulation, and reduces fatigue. It improves vital energy. It stimulates the center of healing. It regulates phosphorus and calcium metabolism. It restores defense mechanisms of the body. It reduces depression, neurosis, and fear.

Program "Center of joy"
Frequency 17,5 gives the feeling of calmness and joy. It induces producing endorphins (happiness hormones).

Программа Кровообращение
Частотный ряд 7; 9,4; 19,5; 40,5; 46; 50 нормализует нарушенное кровообращение: мозговое, сердечное, общее и периферическое. Улучшает насыщение крови кислородом. Устраняет нарушение сердечного кровотока. Улучшает эластичность кровеносных сосудов.

Program "Blood circulation"

This complex is the leading one at the early phase of prevention and treatment of diseases. We will describe it in details.
Human body is an integral system which exists integrally, and each organ is connected with another one anatomically or energetically.
The whole human body is a comprehensive system; a disease which is seen at any level is just a symptom of general affection of the whole body. That's why treatment of any organ, pathology, disease should be begun with general cleansing of the body and treatment of the body itself but not treatment of each organ separately. This approach should be the same for any disease, regardless of its character (whether it is acute or chronic).
Everything which takes place in human body takes place aggregately. Anything, which takes place as a symptom and which is determined by a disease, is reflection of general illness of the body.

What do toxins represent for the body?
Toxins accompany our life since the birth. Toxins are not completely split and oxidized products of normal vital activity. Protein molecules which are absorbed through digestive system into blood may be anti-gens as well as toxins. They are formed during vital activity or killing of bacteria, viruses, helminthes and protozoa, in case of entry of heavy metals in the body. Chemical substances have entered content of food, water and air. We are daily exposed to impact of tens thousands of substances and contaminants. They are deposited in intercellular space and prevent cells from their functions. They are eliminated from the body very difficultly.
Nowadays there are many discussions and theories about symbiosis and ecologic system of intestine. Regardless of their existence, there is a convincing statistics about contamination with helminthes in all countries of the world: 95-97% of the population has helminthes. Helminthes in intestine represent ticking time bomb; first of all, the bomb disposal is begun.
From the biophysical point of view, new sources of electromagnetic oscillations which are not typical for the body appear in case of pathogenic factors. When the balance between physiological and pathological oscillations is destroyed, information-energy blockade appears; it provides the opportunity for starting of pathological reactions: formation of toxins.
Human body is similar to great system of accumulation. If the body can't eliminate certain toxins, it accumulates them in the places which are convenient for it, there where they don't impede immune system. Such places of "storage" become first of all, intercellular substance, and then - articulate surfaces and synovial membranes. Detoxification means elimination of poisons or toxins.
Our body has own congenital system of detoxification. Liver, lungs, kidneys, digestive system and skin eliminate toxins. But great quantity of modern contaminants of the environment is great problem for these internal systems of detoxification. Hazardous chemicals are left in our body, being accumulated, forming the dangerous level.
If toxins got by us through food and drinking can't be split, and if the liver can't neutralize them, and if immune system can't eliminate them, they begin to be accumulated in the body.
Moreover, unhealthy nutrition and lack of needed ferments for the process of digestion slow metabolism, depriving it from energy, and reducing immunity.
Successful and complete detoxification represents cleansing of the whole body, and first of all, it is cleansing of blood and lymph.
These two vital liquids nourish and protect the liver, intestine and other organs, tissues and cells. If toxins are in the blood and lymph, every organ, each tissue and intercellular space will be saturated with these toxins.
Only correct approach at development phases of pathologic process can eliminate these undesirable manifestations.

Own system of toxins' elimination from the body consists of 5 phases.
At the first phase it is manifested ability of the liver to make toxins inactive. This is one of the main ways of detoxification. The substances which can be deactivated and eliminated by the liver enter bile, and then they are excreted from the body through digestive system. The substances which can't be deactivated by the body enter bloodstream, and they are distributed throughout all organs.
Thus, the bloodstream becomes mechanism of distribution of toxins throughout the body. Toxins entered blood through digestive system or through skin and mucosa penetrate intercellular substance. So-called blockade of intercellular substance takes place. At the first phases the body itself can deal with function of elimination of these toxins: reactions, such as sweating, salivation, etc., which eliminate toxins from the body appear.
At the second phase immune system tries to intervene, trying to concentrate these accumulated toxins or infection in one place and prevent them from spreading. It may be manifested in local inflammatory reaction, such as lymphangitis, conjunctivitis, or otitis. Thus, infection is localized in one place, and immune system tries to limit its spreading throughout the body. When immune system can't deal with it, toxins are accumulated in tissues, and they are stored in intercellular substance. At this phase the mechanism of toxins' elimination is overloaded; the body can't combat.
It is easily and conveniently to use the device at these phases. It quickly and effectively eliminates toxins from the body.
The next phase transmits the disease from acute or sub-acute stage to chronic process. Chronic diseases appear because the system of cells' and tissues' functioning can't work more at this level, at which healthy organ works; and it switches to more economic regime.
The more economic regime launches the phase of degeneration: fewer toxins enter, less food products enter for each cell because of accumulation in intercellular space which doesn't allow passing substances needed for normal functioning of cells. It leads to development of chronic diseases which worsen.
The next phase is cellular phase: cell suffers from lack of nutritional substances; it leads to appearing of serious diseases (autoimmune diseases, atrophic diseases, high blood sugar, etc.).
The last phase is malignant tumor as last level of toxins' accumulation.

Considering phases of disease's development, we have composed a list of programs' set for the second complex "Detoxification": Short description of second complex
It is needed to begin correction and prevention of any diseases with programs of the second complex "DETOXIFICATION". It is possible to use the second complex 1-2 times per day; in case of acute viral infection, it is allowed to use more frequently.

Program "Cleansing of blood"
Frequency row 2; 727; 787; 800; 880; 5000; 2008; 2127 makes it possible to deactivate and eliminate toxic substances and numerous classes of infectious irritants. It is recommended to use the program before and after operation. It stimulates function of kidneys for better elimination of toxins.

Program "Cleansing of lymph"
Frequency row 10000; 3177; 3176; 3175; 3040; 880; 787; 751; 727; 676; 635; 625; 522; 465; 444; 440; 304; 152; 150,5; 148; 146; 150,5; 103,6; 100; 63; 25; 15,2; 15,05; 10,36; 10; 7,83; 6,3; 2,5 makes it possible to deactivate and eliminate toxic substances and numerous classes of infectious agents. It normalizes management of lymph system, eliminates lymphedema in case of inflammation and allergy. It is used for restoration of regulatory function of central and vegetative nervous system. It stimulates function of kidneys for better elimination of toxins.

Program "Normalization of acid-alkaline balance. Regulation of AAB."
Frequency 21,5 prevents body's harsh disorder of acid-alkaline balance which leads to serious disorders in work of fermentative system.

Program "Laxative effect"
Frequency 63,5 has mild laxative effect. It effectively cleanses intestine.

Program "Inflammation of mucous membranes"
Frequency row 1550; 880; 802; 787; 727; 444; 20 has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-edema effects.

Program "Liver and bile" (control frequencies)
Frequency row 17; 38; 38,5; 56; 56,25; 63,5; 69; 79 regulates functions of liver and gall bladder. It controls production of bile, synthesis of proteins, decontamination, etc.

Program "Dysbacteriosis"
Frequency row 6,3; 6,5; 23,5; 25; 60,5; 63; 64,5; 67 regulates lympho-drainage, function of digestive system, intestinal peristalsis; it has regenerating and healing, sedative and psychotropic effects.

Program "Blood circulation"
Frequency row 7; 9,4; 19,5; 40,5; 46; 50 normalizes brain's and peripheral blood circulation. It improves oxygen saturation of blood. It eliminates disorders of cardiac circulation. It improves elasticity of blood vessels
Note: detoxification can lead to reduction of high blood pressure.

Program "Regulation of kidneys. Regime of kidney"
Frequency row 2,8; 3,3; 8,1; 9,19; 54; 54,25; 54,5 improves elimination of water-soluble toxins. It normalizes metabolism of uric acid, induces eliminating sand and stones from kidneys and urinary tract, reduces inflammatory processes in urinary tract, and induces managing kidneys' functions.

Third complex "Restoration"

If any organ's function is disordered, it influences on the whole body; if pathology is kept, it doesn't allow treating any disease. For example, function of thyroid gland can be normalized just after other organs affected by the pathology have been treated.
That's why we carry out regulation of work of each organ and system of organs for prevention of diseases and normalization of their work.
The third complex includes programs indicated for regulation of each organ. It is not stimulation of organs and systems; it is impact with frequencies which are typical for this organ or system in healthy state. Short description of third complex's programs

Program "7 chakras"
Frequency row 45; 55; 70; 85; 90; 95; 100 corresponds to frequencies which are typical for each energetic center.

Program "Regulation of heart"
Frequency row 1,2; 3,8; 8; 9,44; 41; 43; 43,5; 97 is indicated for normalization of heart's work. It eliminates disorders linked with heart's rhythm. It removes spasms. It improves cardiac blood circulation and flexibility of cardiac arteries. It has anti-stenocardiac effect. It regulates work of left and right heart's ventricles.

Program "Regulation of blood circulation"
Frequency row 7; 9,4; 19,5; 40,5; 46; 50 normalizes local and general blood circulation. It improves blood stream of the brain and heart at the level of small arteries and capillaries.

Program "Regulation of digestive system's organs"
Frequency row 3,5; 3,8; 8,1; 8,6; 9,4; 10; 11,5 is indicated for normalization of all organs of digestive system and for prevention of parasites, hypomotor dyskinesia of large intestine, hemorrhoids, spastic colitis, ulcer of stomach and duodenum.

Program "Regime of kidney"
Frequency row 2,8; 3,3; 8,1; 9,19; 54; 54,25; 54,5 improves elimination of water-soluble toxins. It normalizes metabolism of uric acid, induces eliminating formations of sand and stones in kidneys and urinary tract, reduces inflammatory processes in urinary tract, and induces managing kidneys' functions.

Program "Female urogenital system"
Frequency row 2,5; 4; 4,9; 5,5; 9,4; 9,5; 38; 97 is indicated for treatment of female urogenital system. The program treats wide range of problems; it is useful for women of any age. Menopause is age-connected condition, when the body is rebuilt: first of all, central nervous and endocrine systems. The program harmonizes urogenital system during menopause.

Program "Male urogenital system"
Frequency row 2,6; 4; 4,5; 4,9; 9,4; 19,5; 55; 97 is universal regime: it is indicated for prevention and treatment of male urogenital system. The main effect is regulation of the function hypothalamus-hypophysis-adrenals-reproductive glands. This program is the basis for prevention and treatment of impotency. It improves work of heart and vessels, blood circulation of small pelvis. It eliminates disorders of lumbar and cervical spine.

Fourth complex "EVENING"

This complex prepares the body for good rest; it consists of two programs indicated for relief of emotional and psychological tensions and calmness of all organs and systems.

Short description of fourth complex

Program "Anti-stress"
Frequency row 2,5; 3,6; 3,9; 5; 6,3; 8,1; 34; 92. This is a universal regime for relief of stress and treatment of sleep disorders. It makes the phase of falling asleep easier. It relieves excitation of parasympathetic nervous system (vagus) and normalizes work of sympathetic nervous system. It carries out regulation of nervous system: reduces tearfulness and anxiety, and normalizes psychic state. It has sedative and anti-spastic effects.
Note: don't use while driving! - you may fall asleep.

Program "Deep cleansing of body"
Frequency row 0,7; 0,9; 2,5; 2,65; 3,3; 9,8; 56; 69 carries out comprehensive cleansing of the body. It induces eliminating toxins of various origins with molecular weight of up to 4000, including snake poisons; it also regulates function of hepatobiliary system. It restores work of pancreas, kidneys, liver, and peripheral vessels. It has anti-sclerotic effect. It regulates activity of leukocytes.

4. General recommendations on administration of BRT with principles of fundamental algorithm

After programs of comprehensive fundamental algorithm have been used, positive dynamics is seen in functional state of the body in the most of cases:

Authors: PhD Bogonatova L. N., Sc.D. Chernetsova L. V.