Congress 2017. Feedback from participants 

Congress 2017. Feedback from participants

In July 2017, BIOMEDIS held the International Congress, the largest event dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of the bioresonance method. It was held in the town of Astros on the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece. On earth, where in ancient times the medicine was born, where nowadays people have great respect for bioresonance technologies. The Congress united 23 countries and 380 participants! The BIOMEDIS team demonstrated its multinationality and unity. Let's feel the atmosphere of this great BIOMEDIS event together with its participants.

«The whole trip was amazing! Positive emotions are overwhelming me! I was fascinated by the beauties of Greece, the turquoise-transparent warm sea, majestic mountains, road serpentines, ancient places with extraordinary strong energy and friendly smiling people.
Our teams came from different countries. We all got to know each other, we made friends. I brought home new knowledge, I got new acquaintances, new friends, I had a lot of vivid impressions, made photos and videos. I was convinced once again that I was doing the right thing with a rapidly developing company.»

Tatiana Chernyavskaya, Ukraine.

«I have been using BIOMEDIS devices for two years and I am very pleased. I took part in the Congress with pleasure. We got acquainted, took photos, walked, exchanged opinions, danced, traveled, laughed. And most importantly - we studied. This was the main goal of the BIOMEDIS Congress. Great bravo and congratulations to all those who prepared this event. I hope that we will meet at the next Congress!»

Nikos Fraros, Greece.

«Usually, at seminars I write down only the most important things. At seminars within the confines of the Congress, literally everything was important. I got a lot of new knowledge and notebook was full of notes.
I keep in memory the sincere smiles of people, tremendous positive power, a state of unreality of what was going on, state of a dream.
We gathered together from different countries of the world, we were so different, but we felt the kinship of each other's thoughts, the desire to help people, the desire to share knowledge that gives hope.
Each of us felt like a unique part of a whole - BIOMEDIS company! And there were many of us! We left the place filled with positive energy, with confidence that together we can do a lot.»

Svetlana Pankratova, Ukraine.

«When I was preparing for the Congress in Greece, I felt that something wonderful was waiting for me. This week was unforgettable! I got acquainted with the company's managers, with wonderful doctors who generously shared their knowledge and practical results with us. We saw the presentation of the new TRINITY device. Its capabilities and advantages exceeded all of my expectations! I am greatful to the managers of the company and the organizers for their attention, for the training at the Congress. I saw that all the participants left Greece with the great faith in theirselves! My wish to tell people about BIOMEDIS devices multiplied several times!
God, let everyone have the opportunity to attend such events in the future! BIOMEDIS is my big family!»

Marina Devrisashvili, Greece.

«The participation in the Congress confirmed my confidence that I am working with the true professionals. The information I received about various techniques for using bioresonance had really enriched me. I was very impressed by how people, having known abot BIOMEDIS for the first time at the Congress, were so much immersed into the ideas of bioresonance. Our conversations came to an end way after midnight, every minute was filled with new knowledge. And all this was combined with a wonderful holiday! Traveling through Greece, attending wonderful places, listening to the songs and dancing Greek dances gave me unique impressions.»

Irina Solar, Italy.

«The week passed like one moment! Every day thoughts bring us back to this beautiful and fabulous corner of Greece. We met interesting people: doctors, partners of the company and simply BIOMEDIS users from different parts of the world. The best gift I could ever get was the experience that we shared with each other. This knowledge will help us teach others how to use BIOMEDIS technology in everyday life. The team from Crete is greatful to the management of the company, the organizers, the participants for the fact that we immersed into the magical world of bioresonance together. We love you all!»

Alla Zakharova, Vasiliki Bantuna, Crete.

«I had doubts about the direct sales companies until I got into BIOMEDIS. Now BIOMEDIS is a big part of my life! For me it was honor to help to organize such an incredible event. I was really tired, because the program was very rich! To ensure that every participant was comfortable we worked day and night. But I'm ready to get tired any time, if only this Congress could be repeated! I am grateful to the management of the company and to all the participants. With you I even could climb Everest!»

Georgiy Papadopulos, Greece.

«We came with a whole team from Cyprus, me and 10 more partners. We got acquainted with the experience and researches in the field of bioresonance. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss many issues for the further development of the bioresonance method in Cyprus. And it was an opportunity to supplement our knowledge and experience in this direction. I want to thank the company and the organizers for the wonderful event. Our team from Cyprus received great satisfaction and knowledge!»

Adonis Adoniu, Cyprus.

«The congress was perfect. My main impression was people! I got a lot of new acquaintances, had meetings with "old" friends, there was an atmosphere of "connection of the spirit." And, of course, what an energy! I was charged until the next event.»

Vladimir Kaplan, Israel.

«I was happy to receive all the BIOMEDIS people in my favorite country of Greece. Conferences are an important part of the business world, it is an excellent information platform. During the event it was possible to exchange opinions, talk about innovations, share practical experience, find new acquaintances and useful connections.
The Congress was placed in a resort town in Greece. Thanks to this, the participants were able not only to immerse themselves in the work, but also to have a good rest.
This town of Astros was great for holding our event, it seemed that it could not be any better! Ancient architecture, excavations, amphitheatres, monasteries, the sea, the sun, hospitable people, Greek music and dances. I am sure that this event will be remembered forever! See you next time, friends!»

Anna Pogosyan, Greece.