Opening of the Congress 2017 

2017 is the beggining of the BIOMEDIS history

In 2017, in the year of the fortieth anniversary of bioresonance technologies, we presented the newest development - BIOMEDIS TRINITY device . This is a device of bioresonance correction and multi-frequency synchronization. It is the most modern, the most technologically advanced and the most accurate device for maintaining health, and prolonging life.

In 2017 the First International BIOMEDIS Congress took place. It united all those people who open the bioresonance technologies to everyone around the world, all those who help us to cope with diseases and give us hope, those who open the way to a world of beauty, harmony and longevity. The participants of the Congress made a great contribution to the popularization of BIOMEDIS technologies.

June 14 is the day of the Congress opening, it went down in the history of the company BIOMEDIS as the fest of unity and friendship.

We are 36 000! And it is just a beginning! The beginning of the new BIOMEDIS history and recovery revolution!

Welcome speech of the Company President Sergey Solovyov at the opening of the International BIOMEDIS Congress in Greece.