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Konstantin Sandalov

I have been engaged in network business for more than 20 years. I remember how I started doing my first business steps in building a partner network. The new world opened in front of me then: new interesting people, pleasant communication, big checks, travels to various countries and much more. Now I am a dollar millionaire. Now having such a great experience, I understand how to create large international teams and train partners, how to get good fees. Since 2003 I have chosen for myself the new stream of device bioresonance, as it is the most effective way to heal the human body.

My wife and I were closely following the development of Biomedis company, we saw how quickly new devices and technologies appeared and we decided to cooperate with the most advanced company in March 2015. My results have exceeded all expectations! The technologies proved to be very interesting in terms of possibilities and also very easy to use.

If we talk about the opportunities for cooperation with Biomedis, I believe that the company's partner program is profitable and reliable. The company Biomedis pays to its partners more than 60% to the network.

I checked in practice what MLM business is. In practice I know how to build an international partner team and how to do business easily and comfortably, helping my partners to receive very decent cash flows. We have an active developing team in many countries of the world. I invite you to our friendly Biomedis team.

Anna Pogosean

In March 2014, I faced the issue of choosing a new MLM company. My criteria were not so simple.

I wanted to work specifically in the Russian company, to promote the exclusive products with international patents to the European market.

The products must be being sold, and give an opportunity to earn money.

I wanted to work only with the products, in the efficiency and safety of which I am absolutely sure. Such work brings not only material, but also moral satisfaction.

The company should have been young, but at the same time well-tried, reliable and promising. According to the statistics, after only three years of working, there remain only 0.5% of the network companies (200: 1 ratio), and after 7 years - 0.2% (500: 1 ratio). The company Biomedis has been on the market for 8 years. This is a guarantee of stability!

I wanted to work at international company and have the opportunity to sell anywhere in the world. Thanks to the online store, partners can recommend Biomedis products in any country of the world, and make orders through the Internet.

And the last thing that convinced me was the marketing plan. It was amazing! Transparent, calm, convenient, profitable, without monthly obligations, with no limits.

There is an honest, smart and sincere way to do the network business. This is the path that company Biomedis chose! I wish you to go through our business in this way. If the whole network industry is honest, smart and sincere - the network business will take a worthy place in the world.

We do not only do business.
We do what we really like!