Completed coronavirus complexes 
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Completed coronavirus complexes

10.02.2021 by Biomedis
We have received renewed range of frequencies - Human Coronavirus Wuhan 2020 New mutated.

New composition of frequencies is aimed to fight both the original version of coronavirus and the mutated versions, found in the UK and South Africa.

To fight coronavirus it is needed to use the whole spectrum of the received frequencies!

To consider all the variants of virus mutation, to the previous frequencies composition there were added six more numeric frequencies and the range was extended.

Considering all the new received data the complexes for coronavirus were completed for TRINITY and ACTIWAY: active protection, prevention, treatment, severe course treatment.

You can download 210 basic complexes for TRINITY with the completed coronavirus complexes on the website in the ‘TRINITY - APPLICATION’ section.

210 basic complexes for TRINITY. Update

PROFILE with Coronavirus complexes for ACTIWAY. Update

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