«New horizons» in Kiev 

«New horizons» in Kiev

06.12.2017 by Biomedis
The conferences ’Hew horizons’ have been already held in Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine!
There were doctors, partners, leaders and heads to take part in the events.
25 November the guests were met by Kiev! It was a festival of health, innovations and warm attitude towards each other. The participants obtained a lot of new knowledge, got new emotions, gifts and tried a «TRINITY» cake. Sabukhi Sharifov told about new technology of multifrequency synchronization (MFS).

Watch the performance video here

The main gift of the lottery was BIOMEDIS TRINITY that was won by the youngest participant of the conference.
- Vlad, may be you don’t need the device! You are young, sporty, healthy! Could we give it to someone else?
- No. No… I really need it! Such technologies shouldn’t pass by me. It’s a super modern device!

Watch here how it was

We have captured all the brightest and touching moments for you.

In December, «New horizons» will take us to Greece! Everything is already prepared for the conference there.
9 December - Thessaloniki
10 December - Athens

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