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BIOSKY red photonic crystal

Energy-informational bio-resonance corrector of physical and energetic well-being of a human.

Price:98 USD

BIOSKY red photonic crystal is included into a set of six BioSky photonic crystals, that complement each other. The set includes plastic cards of 6 different colors. The size of each card is 85x55 mm. BIOSKY photonic crystals do not require a power source.

Each of the photonic crystals included into the BIOSKY set has protective and restorative properties on the physical and ‘light bodies’ of a human, increases resistance to negative impact of the environment.

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The set of 6 BIOSKY crystals restores, removes blockages and harmonizes all meridians in the human body (energy channels through which circulates the energy). Each crystal is tuned to its own meridian.

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BIOSKY red photonic crystal is tuned to the main meridian «Three heaters», «Pericardium»:
  • coordinates the activity of all internal organs, eliminates the energy imbalance between the organs;
  • affects the endocrine and nervous system;
  • affects the mental activity, helps to normalize the processes of the brain;
  • regulates psycho-emotional activity;
  • regulates the emotional sphere of a sexual nature;
  • is a conductor of innate energy.
BIOSKY red photonic crystal also has common properties inherent in all crystals from the BIOSKY range:
  • restores the light body (aura) of a person after negative energy-informational influences, which helps to restore the physical body;
  • neutralizes the influence of adverse energy flows (negative torsion fields, Hartman-Wilson nets, Curry nets, geopathic zones, etc.);
  • protects against the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic smog;
  • structures water.
BIOSKY red photonic crystal is recommended:
  • in the presence of diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems;
  • with deterioration in well-being in the absence of obvious reasons and clinical manifestations;
  • for those who experience a decrease in sexual desire, disorders in the sexual sphere;
  • with regular headaches;
  • with psycho-emotional disorders: tearfulness, emotional outbursts, irritability, moodiness, aggression;
  • if you get tired quickly, you feel exhaustion and lack of energy;
  • helps to create neural connections, to develop the metal power.
As a result of using BIOSKY:
  • the energy-informational field of a person is restored;
  • the indicators of vital systems and organs of the physical body improve;
  • the psycho-emotional state of a person is stabilized.
  • After using the BIOSKY crystal for a month or two, you will feel a surge of energy, a good mood, and will have a mental and physical health. Regular use of BIOSKY allows you to maintain the norm of your health established by nature and launch the process of self-healing, protect yourself from unwanted impacts.

    The testing results of the BIOSKY photonic crystal’s ability to change the water quality

    The results of the testing of the BIOSKY photonic crystal on BRIS test


    BIOSKY photonic crystal is a complex multi-layer bulk structure made of special metals alloys and dielectric materials. BIOSKY is a reliable super high frequency(SHF) converter that converts background SHF radiation into large electromagnetic field with the frequency in the range of the biological activity of the water containing structures and circular polarization of right hand rotation, which beneficially affects biological objects and humans. The shapes of the resonant structures and the characteristics of the photonic crystal materials are calculated and formed based on the interaction of the electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and chirality proper to all flesh.

    How to use
    BIOSKY application method to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields
    To neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields one of the BIOSKY photonic crystals should be carried with you constantly, changing its location every once in a while and avoiding its long-time location in the heart zone. Also it is recommended to carry BIOSKY in the cell phone case. During sleep it is recommended to place the crystal with its flat side to a person at 30-40 cm from the body.

    Application method to treat water and foods
    There are used non-metallic containers are used for treatment, under which one of the BIOSKY photonic crystals is located. The minimum treatment time for water solutions of up to 3 liters is 30 minutes, and 15 minutes for foods. Water maintains properties on average 24 hours after treatment.
    It is recommended to drink several glasses of structured water between meals, making its total volume excluding other beverages up to 1,5-2 liters.
    For seed germination, abundant plant growth and yield it is recommended to water plants with BIOSKY-treated water.

    Application method for balancing the energy channels (meridians)
    To balance each meridian it is recommended to use two identical BIOSKY photonic crystals corresponding to a needed meridian.
    1. Place one crystal under the left foot and the other in the right palm for 5 minutes.
    2. Change the position of the crystals, that is put the first crystal under the right foot and the second one in the left palm for 5 minutes.
    3. Put one crystal under the coccyx (sacral Muladhara-chakra), and put the second one in the zone of forehead (frontal Ajna-chakra) or in the neck zone (throat Vishuddha-chakra) for 5 minutes.
      It is recommended to repeat the procedures p.1 and p.2 in the morning and evening and p.3 is advisable to repeat sever times during the day. The number of days is not limited, according to your well-being.  

    In order to extend the period of use, it is prohibited to subject BIOSKY crystal to mechanical influences, immersion in liquids and sudden temperature changes. In case of slight ingress of water, wipe it with a dry cloth. With careful handling of the crystal, the period of its use is unlimited.