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Attention! Promotion!

Increase the Group volume twice as fast!

In orders,placed from 27 to 30 September (inclusively), the number of points doubles, which go to CGV and MGV.
The speed of your career growth...

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The main event of the year

Dear friends!

From 5 to 11 October in Turkey there will take place the Forum...

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BIOMEDIS team in Dzhubga! See how it was

In the first half of June there took place the meeting of partners of the southern region of Russia. The event was attended by teams from different cities - Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk, Sochi,...

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Attention! Fake!

Dear partners and clients!
There are registered cases of faking the device BIOMEDIS M. On boxes and screen of the fake device there is an inscription - BIOGENIS.


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Сhanges in the deposit program

Estimated partners!

From 17 March 2018 there will be made some changes in the deposit program. 

1. Changes of the deposit rates on new deposits.

2. The income percent of the...

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