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20.09.2021 by Biomedis

АCTIWAY is an easiest-to-use bioresonance device and is controlled by just one button.
АCTIWAY contains three basic complexes that you can reprogram and upload any other ones which are compiled individually for you.
Multi-frequency of АCTIWAY gives you an advantage, reducing the exposure time.
АCTIWAY is reliably protected from moisture and damage by an ergonomic silicone case. In the basic configuration, there are already two types of cases - a wrist bracelet and a black clothes clip. Additionally, you can order white, green or pink bracelets. Change the colors to match with different looks and moods.
АCTIWAY will not limit your movement. With АCTIWAY you can do everything - go to the gym, play with children, not be distracted at work, go to school and kindergarten.
Whatever you do, АCTIWAY is always there, always in resonance!

Now you can order АCTIWAY with special offer with a 20% discount. The promo is valid only from September 20 to 30. The availability of the devices in particular warehouses is limited, be in time to pick up your АCTIWAY among the first.

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